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From: Brandi Jasmine <>
Date: Wed 12 Sep 2001 12:39:54 -0500


> In my last posting, I specifically
>outlined some of the programs in particular that are making
>me money. What else is going to make a believer out
>of you? And why am I even spending so much time typing

I don't recall if you are the one who mentioned ""
- but I did sign up for that. I am still waiting for them
to get back to me with the sign-up details. Not impressed
so far. But I will keep an open mind. There was one
other reply I wanted to get back to - but for unrelated
reasons it may be a while before I am able to try out any
of these suggestions.

I want to thank everyone who wrote on the topic, pro and
con, private and public - I will be saving the last digest
and going through it when I have a chance.

One thought ... This is not the most pleasant thing in
the world to have to think about - but if you were to
die suddenly, would your spouse or business partner have
access to your web site? Would they be able to maintain
your business, answer your email? Someone close to my
heart died recently and you can imagine the chaos his
family suffered when not only he was gone, but they
were unable to access his email ... I was not notified
for over a week. It hadn't dawned on me before then just
how dependent some of us have become on the Internet.
When you are next updating your will, be sure to include
the password codes and documents your loved ones will
need if you're gone, especially if you are the "geek"
in the "mom and pop" operation.


Brandi Jasmine - Writer, Photographer, Illustrator - -

Received on Wed Sep 12 2001 - 12:39:54 CDT


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