Study URLs & Shameless Affiliate Promotion

From: Matt Mickiewicz <>
Date: Sun 18 Nov 2001 22:31:24 -0500


>The real situation with CPA is that commission is only
paid on some of the sales, however honest the
advertiser may be. If a sale is not effected on
the first click-thru the advertiser relies on a cookie
to allocate commission - but more than 20% of users'
browsers are set to reject cookies. Even more damaging
to the publisher is the finding in the
Engage/DoubleClick/IAB survey that only 38% of users
who visit an advertisers Web site do so within 30
minutes of seeing the banner. The others find their way
to the site without clicking thru - and these, of
course, are much more likely to be buyers.

The probability is that, for most advertisers, around
two-thirds of short term sales originating from a
publisher cannot be credited to that publisher; and,
of course, there is no credit at all for the contribution
to brand building and long term sales.<

Do you have the URLs for those numbers handy by
any chance? I'd love to include them in my template-reply
to advertisers requesting cost-per-sale advertising on
our site (which basically tells them to go to hell, and
references half a dozen studies and articles).

By the way, it looks like Gusti M Setiawan managed
to get his affiliate URL on the last with his post
regarding associate program software...


Matt Mickiewicz
SitePoint - Master The Web.

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Received on Sun Nov 18 2001 - 21:31:24 CST


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