Re: Next Generation Pricing Models

From: Luis Martins <>
Date: Tue 27 Nov 2001 18:55:19 -0500


Let's see some of your statements::

1) > The statement above about the web not being a mass
> medium is true in some cases for the general surfer
> or information gatherers. But those that frequent
> humor sites to read daily comics, and those that
> log on to live web streaming sites to watch a live
> broadcast get us much closer to a mass audience.
> Any scheduled web event could draw much as television
> does. So again, we have another hybrid issue. "

Sorry to disagree. Even if a million surfers would see
the same TVShow, I could send a million different ads.

2) If we sold on a unique basis over time, this
> would not be an issue, as an advertiser would have
> to pay for "x" uniques per day, multiplied by the
> number of consecutive days, and number of pages sold.
> I know I keep hammering on this point but I am
> looking for reasons why this won't work??? Someone
> please burst my bubble.

Ok, here's your needle: if you want to compare with mass
media, compare this -

 - Couch potato eating crums out of his sofa and watching
TV ads, in the middle of a Football Match. Is he going to
change channel? no, he wants to know when it restarts. Is
he going to listen to anything else? Probably, but
he'll keep an eye on the box and, of course, on the ads.
- Net potato eating crums out of its keyboard and watching
banners, in a live football webcast, as you said - is he
interested in pub? Of course not. Will he see it? yeah,
but probably two seconds and wham, back to the transmission.
If you put ads on the middle, like sonicnet does, he will
change back to TV. Then you say "OK, Luis, but sonicnet is
probably a success." Yeap, but seeing football games is
different than radio webcasting.

Everybody has a TV now. About 50 years ago, the numbers
were just like net-numbers today, or less.

Announcers know that TV spectators will be exposed to the
ad during the ad time. Or change the channel. But it's
probable that, with a good campaign, they get the word
around. Net users decide when and where to go, when and
where to go back, so that can't be decided.

And these were just some of the issues. Don't compare.

One last hitch to scratch: of course content-targeted
advertising delivers more than ROS, that's common
knowledge. I would just like to ask all of you that had
"good" CPM deals - how many of your announcing customers
are repeated pub buyers? Spelling it out - is it a good
business for them either? Do not forget the customer
focus on your business...:)

Sorry for my bad english,

Your more than ignorant, portuguese slut

Luis Martins

Received on Tue Nov 27 2001 - 17:55:19 CST


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