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From: Rob Frankel <>
Date: Tue 27 Nov 2001 19:31:51 -0500


>I think you as a publisher are an exception to the rule,
>Rob. I haven't seen the ads you run on PillowMail, but I'd
>venture a guess that you have more control over appearance
>and message than the average publisher does over
>CPC/CPA ads that run on their site.
>Am I right? Or do you let any ol CPC run on PillowMail?

Nope, you are correct here Andy. We use ad creation as a
profit center because we know what our community will
respond to. We also don't accept any advertisers that are
incompatible with our brand. For example, a domain
registrar called today interested about advertising. I
thanked him but told him to save his money --
PillowMail users aren't interested in buying domains.

To me, focusing the site's content is a branding issue.
If you stay brand-consistent, your response rate soars.

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for your brand."
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