From: Cliff Kurtzman <>
Date: Mon 03 Dec 2001 10:08:17 -0500

Hi everyone,

My goal is for this list to undergo a process of
continuous improvement under my moderation. Over the
past two weeks, my primary objective was to eliminate the
long backlog in getting the posts out to the list. We
had been running up to a five day lag between post
submission and approval before. I'm pleased to report
that by last Friday, we were completely current with
all submitted posts being either approved or rejected.
I think it creates a better discussion when there is
not a long time lag in getting posts approved.

I've rejected a good number of submissions over the
past few weeks. Here are the primary reasons:

1) Too vitriolic. Remember, attacking ideas is fine.
Attacking people is not. Some of the submissions have
just been so insulting to other list members that I
could not approve them.

2) Only of interest to the person to whom you are
replying. In that case, send your message directly to the
person to whom you are replying. Don't burden all the
list members with a message only of value to one person.

3) Too self-promotional. If a post simply looks like
a way for you to get traffic to your site or to a site
you are an affiliate for, I probably won't approve it.

4) Too basic or vague. If you are going to ask
something like "I've got $2000 and need to know what
the best way is to advertise online" then I'm not
going to approve it.

You will see two new changes in this list, as my
time permits... From time to time, I'll be injecting
[Moderator's Note:] into posts to comment on them
and try to spark discussion as I approve the post.
These comments will be clearly distinguished by
the []'s and the words "Moderator's Note:".

I'll also be introducing new discussion topics
from time to time to spur new discussions on this
list and to generate fodder for the articles I
write for The Tenagra Apogee, the companion
newsletter that goes with this list. If you
don't receive the Apogee, you can sign up
at . The Apogee
is published by e-mail every other Wednesday.

There are presently 13,494 subscribers to
this list, and there are 38,653 subscribers to
The Tenagra Apogee.

Looking forward to a great week everyone...
I don't know about where you are, but for
us there has been a notable increase in
new business requests the past couple of
weeks, and I hope your business is seeing
the same improvement!


Clifford R. Kurtzman, Ph.D.
President and CEO
The Tenagra Corporation
Turning online content into a strategic asset

Received on Mon Dec 03 2001 - 09:08:17 CST


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