Re: New Pricing Model

From: Jim Sterne <>
Date: Wed 05 Dec 2001 13:44:34 -0500

On 12/5/01, ALEXIS BROWN <> WROTE:

>Fastclick has introduced a pricing model designed to
>solely target unique Internet users. Advertisers,
>accustomed to a unique impression period of one
>day from most websites and networks, can now place
>campaigns reaching unique Internet users over a period
>of up to twenty-eight days.... The higher rates from
>CPM-CUME campaigns will result in an increase in CPM
>payouts to publishers, better compensating them for their
>unique visitors.
>Here's the link:
>What do you think?

I think I'm becoming a crusty old goat with plaque
growing between the lobes of my brain - in other words: Huh?

So I can have my banner follow an individual around?
Sort of like session pricing, but across a network?
Using cookies?
Does it have to be the same banner?
Wouldn't they burn out on it?
Could you explain this so even *I* can understand
it and maybe put it in my next book?
Or is my brain made of Swiss cheese and I should just
find a nice nursing home?

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