Re: Wireless Content Subscriptions / Advertising

From: Andy Bourland <>
Date: Thu 06 Dec 2001 10:35:00 -0500

David Hauslaib <> wrote:

> I am interested in starting a service for wireless
> subscribers that would engage them in a story broadcast
> to their wireless devices (including mobile phones,
> PDAs, and pagers). Because of the nature of the
> publication, each "edition" of the story would be
> roughly 100 characters of plain text. Right now there
> are several plots proposed (ranging from science fiction
> to mystery to erotica) and I am entertaining the idea of
> offering multiple stories to subscribers.

Um Dave.... Why would anyone want to receive a mystery,
science fiction or erotica story on their mobile phone or
pager 100 characters at a time?

That's probably the question that needs to get answered



Andrew R. Bourland
... Stay tuned!

Received on Thu Dec 06 2001 - 09:35:00 CST


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