Re: New Pricing Model

From: Jim Sterne <>
Date: Fri 07 Dec 2001 08:31:25 -0500

On 12/6/01, Andy Bourland <> wrote:

>--- Jim Sterne <> wrote:
>> I think I'm becoming a crusty old goat with plaque
>> growing between the lobes of my brain - in other words: Huh?
>Jim, you ignorant slut...

Beats the heck out of crusty old goat, eh?
At least I'm blissfully having fun.

>> So I can have my banner follow an individual around?
>You could, but wouldn't that be annoying after a while?
>I think smart marketers
>will design ad sessions that evolve during the session...

Whoops - I meant bannerS - plural. We agree about building
interest. The advertiser would end up looking like the only
sponsor for the whole site (during that visit) and that's
great for branding.

Two and a half qualms:

1) If the visitor actually remembers that they saw something
   about branding advertised at and go
   *back*, during the next session all they see is Jim Sterne
   banners and they don't understand why they don't see that
   obnoxious head bobbing around.

2a) If Fastclick is selling this feature across a network,
    then the banners follow me from site to site and that's
    just plain spooky.

2b) The normal surfer won't even experience that because
    they seldom visit a series of sites server from the
    save network. So where's the value in that?

>Lemme know if the above doesn't make sense...

I finally see that I'm in a tunnel and now I'm
hoping there's a light down there somewhere...

>No. It's time to start a new book based on an industry
>that is learning through trial and error what works and
>what doesn't, and isn't distorted by billions and
>trillions of dollars flooding in, forcing it to
>standardize before we learn what really works.

Uh - could I finish the one I'm working on now first,

>Wish I were there in Santa Barbara, Jim!

It'll get up to 81 degrees today.
Now where's that sun block?

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