Re: New Pricing Model

From: Andy Bourland <>
Date: Fri 07 Dec 2001 12:31:29 -0500

Brian Shepherd <> wrote:

> From what I understand about
> this new model, how many page views that are generated
> per session means nothing, your cpm is no longer based
> on pages views, but cost per thousand unique sessions.
> I think given the fact that we can measure how many
> page views are generated, then we should have different
> levels of pricing. For instance, 1-3 page sessions @ $A
> CPM, 4-7 page sessions @ $B CPM, 7-10 @ $C CPM and
> anything over 10 pages @ $D CPM.

I think the key for the publisher would be to set their
pricing based on average number of impressions per session.
If you start doing the tiered pricing thing, you go right
back to an impression model.

The thinking behind this is that in the CPS <cost per
session> the advertiser is buying a 1000 unique users as
opposed to 1000 impressions spread over however many


Andrew R. Bourland
... Stay tuned!

Received on Fri Dec 07 2001 - 11:31:29 CST


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