Re: New Pricing Model

From: Jeff Lancaster <>
Date: Tue 11 Dec 2001 09:34:12 -0500

Hi Brian,
I am not sure exactly how Fastclick is administering
or in that case splitting revenues between publishers
on their network. But our TrueIMPACT ad server
supports session based campaigns as well as impression
based and this how we currently do it.

We do count a session after x amount of pages (normally
4 or 5) have been visited by a viewer and do not
differentiate between longer or shorter sessions as you
had mentioned below. Novel idea, but it is important for
publishers who want to start selling their space using
sessions to have a good idea of how long the average
viewer to their site will stick around so they can price
their sessions accordingly. If we revert back to such a
scaled system we are getting closer again to the
impression based model.

I think that one think that lost in this whole session
discussion is the ability to tell the viewer a sequential
story as they move through a publisher's site. I know that
this is pretty intensive when it comes to developing good
creative, but I think that being able to tell a continuing
story to a visitor will allow advertisers to have a bigger
impact with consumers. Anyone have any thoughts on this??

Jeff Lancaster
Sales & Marketing Director

Smarter Marketing Technology
tel: 905.271.3550 x229
dir: 905.271.3269
fax: 905.271.3650
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