Re: The New Fastclick Ad Pricing Model

From: Jim Sterne <>
Date: Wed 12 Dec 2001 16:12:22 -0500

On 12/11/01, Alexis Brown <> wrote:

>2) If it's network based (the ideal scenario), can FastClick
>guarantee that the same user - visiting different sites in
>the same network - will not be double counted?
>That's correct. Via unique identifier, IP and cookie
>combination, we can guarantee that the same user will not be
>counted twice.

But, as John Gaskill <> wrote on 12/11/01:

>If I were to speculate on the NYT's research, it
>would strike me as more likely that they learned
>a banner is probably not perceived by the average
>viewer until it has been delivered at least three or
>four times.

So, Alexis -
Can I choose to have my banner seen by 142,857 unique
users three times in a 28 day period?

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