HTTP Ads Launches - Micro-Payment Advertising System

From: David Hauslaib <>
Date: Thu 13 Dec 2001 10:42:21 -0500

I was just alerted to the debut of HTTP Ads
[], the micro-payment advertising
engine from pud, founder of I took
a look at the site and read others' comments about it
in various forums and I have to agree to the general
consensus: work needs to be done. I understand that it
is just debuting, but first impressions are important.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept
behind HTTP Ads, you may be familiar with the micro-payment
ad systems of MetaFilter
[], called TextAds,
or Blogger
[], called Micro
Ads. Each system allows for advertisers to purchase
campaigns via credit card and, for the most part, go live
immediately. But for both of these, they still seem to be
in beta stages and not open for other sites to use their

This is where HTTP Ads enters the arena. It offers any
publisher the ability to attract advertisers through its
self-service system. Rather than contacting an advertising
representative or dealing with an advertising network,
anyone -- corporation or individual -- can use their
credit card to purchase an ad. HTTP Ads makes money by
taking a small cut of each sale. However, the publisher
who has the account is able to set the CPM price of the ad,
from $.2 CPM and up. Advertisers are then able to log in
at to check their stats.

Publishers set up "Zones" for which they want to place ads.
They can set it up for any format, whether it is the
standard 468x60 banner or an irregular creative. Each
format/placement represents a different Zone. Different
pricing schemes are also available for the same Zone.

Essentially all HTTP Ads requires publishers to do is put
their Zone adcode on their site and provide a link for
advertisers to click in order to purchase ads via Revolutionary? It's on its way.

As far as additional work goes, it pushes past a need for
a more appropriate site design. While everything appears
straightforward, I could easily see potential advertisers
becoming confused at the use of Zones or how
correlates to the publisher's site. Has anyone else taken
a look? What do you think of this new service? Personally,
I see a lot of potential, but from the publishers I have
spoken with, none are willing to put their advertising
revenue in the hands of the guy behind,
who readily admits to having little to no technical or
business background.

(If I've gotten any of the information wrong or my
assumptions are incorrect, feel free to correct me. I
have not gone through the entirely of the site but rather
just ventured in to look at the groundwork.)


David Hauslaib

President & Founder / Black Market Enterprises
Information Capitalist / Web Guru /
Mobile 860.655.7495 / Fax 360.397.2906

Received on Thu Dec 13 2001 - 09:42:21 CST


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