Re: What About Banner?

From: Rob Frankel <>
Date: Fri 14 Dec 2001 08:33:09 -0500

On 12/13/01, Jean-Marie Vogel <> wrote:

>Rob Frankel <> wrote:
>>Boy ain't that the truth. On one of our sites, we track
>>this stuff for effectiveness:
>>Click through rate for client-produced ad: .05%
>>Click through rate for agency-produced ad: 5.78%
>>A 100X difference. Everything else was identical
>Rob, I'm afraid you are simplifying here. Client-produced
>ads will indeed in most cases be less 'internet like' than
>agency-produced ones and thus will be clicked less. On the
>other hand you have to see what happened afterwards. I have
>seen cases when a banner was clicked less than another,
>but the people who had clicked the first one actually
>bought more, so much in fact that the sales/impressions
>ratio was better.

Understood. In this case, we found that sales did better
with the second one, too.

>Take the well-known punch-the-monkey banner. Great for CTR,
>I also tried it, but I don't even remember what was behind
>it. In my point of view, this is all a question of
>targeting, which the client will be better at than the
>agency as they know their (potential) clients best. So
>what is the solution? Simple, close cooperation between
>agency and client from the
>concept until the end of the campaign.

That's the second part that we deal with -- as I think all
sites should: charge your advertiser for helping them set
up a landing page for your click throughs. We do, and it's
always well worth it; really increase the sales ratio.
It's disturbing to see so many web vendors unable to create
a motivating offer that moves prospects from curiosity to a

>P.S.: Rob, first time I see someone's sig longer than the
>actual post... Would that not be an example of overbranding?

Possibly. It's just that I have so much to give..........<G>

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