New Pricing Model, or New Mindset?

From: Phil Tanny <>
Date: Fri 14 Dec 2001 17:28:27 -0500

Jeff Lancaster wrote:
>>And from a publishers point of view, the more ways you can
>>monetize and sell your site to advertisers, the better.

and John Gaskill replied:
>Absolutely agreed! But the secret is not just selling your
>site to advertisers, but converting them into being believers
>by making their advertising work on your site.

Yes, I'd like to cast a vote for this important

We could perhaps follow this point one step
farther back upstream and propose that the
"secret" starts with converting ourselves.

How many of us went in to web publishing with the
thought, "What I want to do with my career is
serve the needs of advertisers."

OK, me neither. The opportunity to communicate
with thousands of people around the globe is what
inspired my first web efforts.

A key psychological component of taking these
initial fun projects successfully commercial is
realizing that we have, in the vast majority of
cases, now chosen the "to serve advertisers"

I would observe that this conceptual leap is
difficult for many of us who came to the Net
primarily to communicate. Completing that leap
and making peace with it is perhaps the central
challenge facing many of us.

Your thoughts?


Phil Tanny,

Received on Fri Dec 14 2001 - 16:28:27 CST


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