Overdone Branding in Signatures

From: Bruce M. Clay <>
Date: Mon 17 Dec 2001 11:59:42 -0500

>Actually I think this light annoyance is part of the Frankel
>Brand :) I think of the many posts, the bobbing head, the
>long signatures, the plugs etc.
>Actually this could prompt a question about whether rubbing
>people the wrong way (to exaggerate in this case) can be as
>effective or maybe even more effective than rubbing them the
>right way (whatever that may be)?

I have been branding my site for over six years, and I agree
with Rob in many cases. We have shared a podium or two, and
always have been supportive of each other (except for one
time :)). However of late have been thinking that I am well
enough known in search engine circles that it may be time to
understate my signature and use the content and contribution
of my posts to continue my branding. Is it possible that
understated signatures will result in visitors if there is
something of value in the post?

In a recent I-Search post I wrote:

>Since so many of you already have this chart, I thought it okay to
>announce that the update is available. Free, of course.
>More info, and as before, click on a node for additional
>Comments always welcome.

I received over ten thousand unique visitors in the next 24
hours, and about 50 emails thanking me for past
contributions. And 5 new clients.

Since it was not overstated, and did NOT contain a signature
ad, I think it may have made the content more appealing. If
I used a six line signature, would I have had more or fewer
visitors? My belief is that if not branded, have a frequent
signature just like Rob, and issue a post on all days ending
with a "y". But if well branded, only respond where the
response is high value content and understate the signature
(if you cannot do this and win, then you are not branded).
Replies for the sake of replies where the content is marginal
becomes old, and annoying, and IMO actually harms the brand.
It is far more effective to say something worthwhile and get
visitors to your site (and establish reputation and brand
there) than to keep pounding people with signature blocks.
Especially if signature blocks become annoying.

But I may be wrong.


Received on Mon Dec 17 2001 - 10:59:42 CST


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