Re: The Role of Online Advertising

From: Ajay Segal <>
Date: Tue 18 Dec 2001 14:35:54 -0500

Ivan Weltman <> wrote:

>So let's dispell once and for all the notion that online
>advertising cannot influence branding.

>Having said that, what are the possible roles of online
>advertising in a marketing communications strategy? I
>believe that the possibilities are many, but, frankly, I
>don't know, and I suspect that nobody else does,
>either. There is a pressing need for information!"

I saw this declaration of a "pressing need for information,"
on the role of the Internet in Brand Advertising strategy,
and thought that it would be timely to note that,
later this week, we will be releasing an exclusive, in-depth
interview with Laura Ries, co-author of "The 11 Immutable
Laws of Internet Branding" and Partner at Ries & Ries
(along with seminal thinker on Branding in his own right,
Al Ries).

For those of you familiar with "The 11 Immutable Laws",
you will know that it deals with exactly the sort of high-level
issues that Ivan refers and alludes to in his post, and attempts
to spell out what the impact of the Internet will (and should)
be on Branding strategy and on the craft of Brand Advertising.

Our interview with Laura Ries covers the Ries' views on the
future of Brand Advertising on the Internet, the unique
dynamics of the Internet and how these must be factored in
to a firm's overall Branding strategy, and a variety of other
related matters, in a good amount of detail. As is well known,
the Ries' have some controversial, interesting, and often
less-than-positive thoughts on the capabilities of the Internet
as a Branding medium, which combine to make this, if nothing
else, a thought provoking read.

If you are interested in receiving this interview, you can have
it sent to you free via email, when it goes out in our
newsletter, by going to

Best Wishes,
Ajay Segal

Received on Tue Dec 18 2001 - 13:35:54 CST


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