Re: What about the banner?

From: Lisa Wenninger <>
Date: Tue 18 Dec 2001 14:43:18 -0500


>One of the most important issues that is not often
>discussed is how media companies design their sites.
>Most sales professionals/executives I speak with have
>sites designed without their input. I continue to ask
>"how many site designers have ever sold an ad, went
>into a sales meeting with clients/agencies?" From my
>small and unscientific survey, the answer is none and
>the fact is most designers come out of editorial,
>technical, graphics fields....which is not bad, nor my
>complaint. But if site designers and UI specialists
>continue to do their work without the understanding
>what the media issues are or what the media buying
>community is concerned about, we will continue to aim
>the gun at the banner and not at the site.

Leslie, did you see Jeffrey Graham's article on ClickZ
last week? He wrote up a case study of how Lycos
re-designed their site *and tested it* specifically
with the advertiser in mind.


  Rory O' Flynn, senior sales information manager at
  Lycos, recently told me how his company redesigned
  its site with the objective of increasing user
  satisfaction and making advertising more effective on
  its network.

--end quote--

Making Advertisers and Users Happier: A Case Study


Lisa Wenninger
VP, Product Management
Solbright, Inc.

Received on Tue Dec 18 2001 - 13:43:18 CST


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