Re: How are you measuring Unique Users

From: Jim Novo <>
Date: Wed 19 Dec 2001 10:42:50 -0500

Venkateshwarulu J N typed:

> I am yet to find a tool which gives me the data of
> Unique Users. And how does one arrive at the data,
> when IPs are allotted to users in a random/ dynamic
> basis. And my logs predominantly capture the AOL proxy
> IP (for example) and not the end user's. This is for
> sites which do not require the user to log in.

You use cookies to track individual machines. It's not
perfect, but much better than IP addresses. For example:

provides either a free (you host an ad on the page) or
pay versions which set cookies and tracks unique users
by day, by week, by month, and by "ever." All you do
is paste some (javascript) HTML code on your pages.

> Is it not possible that if I am browsing in my house
> then it could be four people (my wife, and kids say)
> could also be reaching and therefore the OTS is not one
> but four.

This kind of detail is IMHO meaningless. Too much time
is spent worrying about issues like this instead of
gathering the data available and using it to solve

If you have data and don't know how to use it, that's
another issue. For example, WebTrends generates a ton
of data but not a lot of "actionable information." You
have to turn the data into information.

More on using WebTrends to improve visitor conversion,
lower CPA's, and a calculator converting WebTrends data
to Visitor Quality / Engagement metrics can be found here:


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