Re: Loyalty to Brand or Content

From: Marco Janeczek <>
Date: Fri 11 Jan 2002 14:35:33 -0500

As you probably already know, in the current "new"
economy, strong brands become always stronger, weaker
become weaker.

A brand is already created when a Logo and a Name is
given. But that is not the complete branding process.

A brand is created when a company does not have to
push the brand with various types of advertising.

Another success in branding is when the name of your
product has succeeded and that name is introduced in
our daily life. Examples are (Kleenex, ZIP, etc...).
Can you ZIP me that file. The word did not exist before,
but now it exists.

I would also like to mention subbrands.
Please take a look at how companies differentiate
between brands and sub brands.

Microsoft : Microsoft Office : Microsoft Word, Microsoft
Excel, etc.. : CNNfn, myCNN

Yahoo! : Yahoo! Financial, Yahoo! Classifieds, etc... etc...

Personally I suggest to have a Corporate Brand, Parent
Brand, SubBrand. This way under one umbrella different
brands and names are controlled and created. This
methodology easies up the process to get rid of one
division without causing a big harm/effect to the other.

Usually also if one division does well, and an M&A is
present, selling it off is far more easier, and at a
much greater price.

As you can see different methodologies are used to
differentiate each sub brand.

Take care,

Marco Janeczek
a Company

Received on Fri Jan 11 2002 - 13:35:33 CST


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