Re: The best sites to target Germans?

From: Ryan Gibson <>
Date: Mon 14 Jan 2002 13:30:39 -0500

One quick suggestion for advertising in foreign countries,
such as Germany, are the opportunities availble to rent
"German" domain names. Several hi-end domains in your
target market are purchased, but are inactive at the
current time. You could "rent" the domains on a monthly or
yearly basis to "point" at your "German Language" site.
For example, would bring 10,000 hits a
month from people just typing in "".

If you're running a travel site, think of your keywords in
German, find-out who owns the sites if they are inactive,
and then rent them. Even $20-$30 a month for targetted
hits from people who simply typed in a word like "travel"
is better than general run-off network advertising on a
foreign portal. Make sure they give you a statisitcs
record to prove the site is worth the "$30" dollars, or
else you may only want to pay $30 for a six month trial.
You can search for their owners at In most cases,
the foreign "who is" databases are some variation of NIC
and the country ending such as .de, .es, .uk, etc.

If you can get exclusive 1-2 year relationships for the
domains, I would suggest investing in placing the domains
in the search engines. Your "Land Lord" for lack of a better
word, may split the search engine submission costs for the
sake of "bettering" the value of their domain. (Especially
if they own several domains that you are paying to promote.)
I would be careful with domain name owners that want to have
you pay them to promote their domain...I always like to keep
relationships simple and this could complicate the
arrangement if they do not do a good job. If you need help
finding keywords and domains in foreign countries I do have
a team of translators and can act as your media buyer. (I
would only do this because it is sometimes hard to reason
with individuals who think the domain is worth $1 million,
but I have been dealing with this for 5 1/2 years.)

I hope this was informative.


Ryan Gibson
Director of Marketing and E-commerce
(Sales and Marketing Implementor)
Cell: 604-831-3400
The Complete Sales Action System

Received on Mon Jan 14 2002 - 12:30:39 CST


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