Re: Yahoo (Price) Surprise!

From: John Gaskill <>
Date: Mon 28 Jan 2002 15:13:31 -0500

Douglas Wilson <> wrote:

<snip, snip>

>People use Yahoo because
>it provides them with the information they are looking for.
>A wholesale stripping down of the commercial part of the
>directory to a paid-only "Yellow Pages" model would be
>counter-productive for Yahoo. There's too much good
>competition out there, eg Google, for them to risk their
>"search" reputation.


We get a number of hits daily through Yahoo's purchase
of search results from Google.

It appears that depending on the category or search terms
selected, people aren't interested in paying Yahoo to be
listed and as a result, those categories are empty in their
database. Because they don't want to tell people they have
nothing on hand, they use google to deliver the goods.

Food for thought.

John Gaskill

Received on Mon Jan 28 2002 - 14:13:31 CST


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