Re: pop-ups

From: Jim Reardon <>
Date: Mon 04 Mar 2002 10:53:50 -0600

"Pesach Lattin" <> wrote:

> If you are familiar with my newsletter, you will have
>noticed that I several times mentioned that booking at these
>low prices ($1 cpm especially) for pop-unders, guarantees
>that you will be cheated and lied to. I've found dozens of
>campaigns on porn sites, partnered with 3 other pops on a
>warez site and so on. The amount of cheating that goes on in
>this industry with pops is so prevalent, that I'd recommend
>NEVER using a broker to book these anymore -- otherwise, you
>are going to get ripped off. Similarly, almost all the
>companies that "specialize" in pops are nothing more than
>brokers who do the same thing.

I disagree -- you can purchase popups at a relatively low CPM
($1-$2) and not be cheated, but I also agree -- if you buy at
that rate (or often at any rate) from a broker you will get
ripped off.

I sell popup ads typically around $2 CPM, sometimes more and
sometimes less, on my network of sites. Specifically, I
generate around 1,000,000 popups monthly from
I've had quite a few happy buyers, and I typically outperform
ad-networks and brokers. Typecasting low-cost (typically due
 to low-targeting, which I will openly admit to) as a rip-off
is not right... an advertiser just has to be a bit weary.
Selling your product for more does not make you more legit!

But that goes with any popup ads -- make sure you know where
your ads are going. Make sure you know you're the only
popup. Make sure you pay for impressions, not when your code
is shown. Make sure you're frequency capped. Test small,
then buy big. Etc, etc, etc.

  Jim Reardon <>
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Received on Mon Mar 04 2002 - 10:53:50 CST


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