Re: Overture effectiveness -- not

From: Neven Prasnikar <>
Date: Tue 05 Mar 2002 08:28:10 -0600

> > I have a client who makes $25 in profits for every $1 she
> > spends on Overture ads. Try telling her Overture is
> > "over-rated."

> My results are almost the same, $22 on every $1 spent on
> Overture.

Wow Jim, Damien...

Can you please tell me what you (your client) are selling
(doing)? Is there some URL that I can visit?

It's either that you're selling something that users
*really* need or there is not competition to your products/
services... or both.

If I would be able to get $25 on every $1 that I've spent
on Overture I would immediately start employing people and
within two years Bill Gates would be only a second richest
man on the World ;-)

Anyway, I've been spending about $250 a month for six months
in a row and was earning $1 for every $1 spent. That was for
some end user software I'm selling and I was paying 25c per
click at a time. It's truth that I got some users who will
(some already have) buy upgrades so one may say I wasn't
losing money at that Overture rate. Problem is--there was no
point in investing more because support issues could become
a problem in the longer run.

So... I dropped Goto/Overture for now.

Anyway, in my case strategic partnerships works the best...

Program that we created for ZDNet almost two years ago and was
distributed in more than 100.000 copies (ZDNet's EasyNoter 1.0
that we created based on our own Art Plus EasyNoter 2.5) is
*still* bringing us almost $1000 a month in upgrades!

Oh, by the way, if someone decides to check the download count
on ZDNet and finds some 35.000 downloads registered... forget
about it... When CNET bought ZDNet they deleted earlier dl

I am not saying Overture doesn't work in general... It just
doesn't work for that product I tried back then.

I was interested in trying again with software adspecialties
but I would have to buy words like "promotional gift" and
such that are EEEEE... EEEXPENSIVE! Like multiple $$$ per
click so I am afraid of being drained out before making any

Speaking of which, anyone on the list tested Overture for
promotional stuff keywords? Is it really worth paying $5-10
(per click) for such a keyword?

Neven Prasnikar

Received on Tue Mar 05 2002 - 08:28:10 CST


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