Re: Email (aka. SPAM) Marketing

From: Adam Boettiger <>
Date: Thu 07 Mar 2002 19:47:45 -0600

Michael Low:
> This (spam) is one of the nuisances of doing business
> online ... but so far there seems to be no *really*
> workable solution in sight.

"Workable solution" in marketing by email or in filtering out
the spam?

Of course there is a workable solution to marketing by email.
There always have been alternatives to shotgun blasting your
message through the unsecured relay of a Korean elementary

*Opt-in email stand alone mailings

*Sponsorship of targeted, quality ezines and email
discussion lists

*Marketing by email to your existing customers after asking
and receiving their permission

*Participating in discussions like this one with a short,
descriptive email signature

There are many alternatives. The politician mentioned in the
article you referred to in California had staff that was
fully aware of what they were doing - so much so that they
did the outsourcing in layers with different firms so that
each could deny responsibility and blame the other - and now
they are paying the price for choosing those tactics. And
yes, even though in the article you mentioned they publicly
deny that the mailing was done through a Korean elementary
school's servers, it was.

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