Subject: Media Campaign for a Dating Site

From: Glenn Sobel <>
Date: Tue 12 Mar 2002 07:22:32 -0600

Marco Janeczek asked about what media he should use to get his
client's new dating site off the ground. After the consulting work
I've done for more than one large online dating company I would
strongly suggest that Marco have his client do some more work
on his site before he thinks about going after members.

Even more important than the fact that the site has no current
members is the problem of missing site elements. For example:

1. No definition of what the so-called "free" membership offers.

2. No place to get pricing on upgrades.

3. The Terms and Conditions page is sadly lacking in necessary

4. There are typos and grammatical errors that make the site
appear unprofessional.

     I could go on, but the point is made. I would also suggest
he consider using a new name. The use of the word "Shark"
in the site name doesn't exactly connote safety, a key issue
in online dating.

     For a good example of a better way to handle these issues
he should take a look at where he'll see clear
answers to the above problems. It's a relatively new but fast
growing site that members seem to love.

     Once these problems are resolved he'll want to start promoting
it. There are many avenues to accomplish this, including an
affiliate program. That's my specialty and I'll be happy to speak
with him about that when he's ready, but please don't put the
cart before the horse. It's very hard to go back and create a new
first impression.

     Hope that helps. Good luck Marco.

Glenn Sobel, J.D. &

Received on Tue Mar 12 2002 - 07:22:32 CST


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