Re: Dating site needs to affiliate...

From: Dan McKay <>
Date: Thu 14 Mar 2002 08:47:31 -0600

"Waleed Saeed" <> wrote:

<<We were planning to join "Plugingo" but recently
they have folded up their 'Affiliation' Service. The
thing that appealed about Plugingo was the one-off
payment for life of $500. No monthly fees etc.
The only alternative now is Commission Junction, but
would we receive any payback to justify the initial
expenditure and ongoing monthly payments?>>

There are other companies that offer affiliate services
such as, and
who may be more competitive than CJ.

The "payback" you'll get is directly proportional to the
amount of time you invest in recruiting good affiliates.
As a marketer who's launched affiliate programs, you need
to research the best sites and pitch them individually to
be successful. I found 10% of our affiliate sites
accounted for 70% of our sales. Look at webmaster
newsletter sponsorships and sites that deal in affiliate
marketing. Most larger sites appreciate a third-party
auditing clickthroughs and conversions - so by doing it
yourself you could be shooting yourself in the foot with
the highest traffic sites.

Don't rely on the affiliate company to do all the
recruiting work for you. I found CJ will get you a bunch
of new affiliates, but many are nothing more than
elaborate homepages.

Good luck!

Daniel Karpelman
"That Clever Marketing Guy"

Received on Thu Mar 14 2002 - 08:47:31 CST


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