Re: Email (aka. SPAM) Marketing

From: Luis Martins <>
Date: Mon 18 Mar 2002 08:41:50 -0600

Michael Low <> wrote:

> This (spam) is one of the nuisances of doing business
> online ... but so far there seems to be no *really*
> workable solution in sight. I guess if someone comes
> up with a winner ... he's gonna be VERY rich ;
> Just food for thought ...

To nurture you all: there are a lot of solutions out there,
that allow you to keep spam out of your inbox. However,
these are not so user friendly as outlook and the e-mail
clients are. I do think a solution could be found on
a plug-in feature for these e-mail clients, that would
allow users to accept e-mails from pre-accepted users only.
So the user could state, on clientside, that he allows to
receive the e-mails sent from a specific address.
Much like features, but without the icq number

If Microsoft's reading this, please remember to send
something back to Portugal, ok? :))

Best Regards

Luis Martins
Ilha da P_scoa
WebMarketing and WebResearch for SME

Received on Mon Mar 18 2002 - 08:41:50 CST


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