Re: Pay for Content? Ha, Say Users

From: Andrew Bourland <>
Date: Tue 19 Mar 2002 11:44:22 -0600

On 3/19/02 10:16 AM, "Cliff Kurtzman" <> wrote:

> Pay for Content? Ha, Say Users
> What do you think folks? Tell me it isn't so!
> --Cliff

I second Anne's earlier comments, but would also add this:

The content was never free in the first place.

Those who paid for that content -- VC's, investors, advertisers
-- have flown the coop.

One way or another, if that content is going to be offered,
it will have to be paid for. That consumers don't WANT to
pay is irrelevant. NOBODY wants to pay for something they've
become accustomed to getting for free.

But economic realities will dictate that content that people
want WILL be paid for. HOW it will be paid for is the ongoing
discussion we are having in this industry, and there is no
single answer. It all depends on the content, the audience,
the competition, the technology and a variety of other
factors. No single solution will apply in all cases.

Besides Anne's outstanding publications, is also
covering the movement from Free to Fee, but more from the
vantage point of smaller and independent online publishers.

This is a hot topic, folks. Jupiter can say all they want.
You can't change economic realities...


Andrew Bourland, Publisher

Received on Tue Mar 19 2002 - 11:44:22 CST


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