Re: Pay for Content? Ha, Say Users

From: Eric J. Aafedt <>
Date: Wed 20 Mar 2002 08:47:38 -0600

I can definitely say "it ain't so"! In fact, we are
finding that people are willing to PAY MORE than we
first imagined. Maybe a better way to state that is
that once one has built its niche audience with the
standard array of free services, free newsletters
etc... and then have converted a percentage to a paid
service ... we are now finding that significant
revenues can be gained by offering very detailed
information at significant price increases. An
example scenario may be: visitor comes to our site --
registers for a free newsletter --- subsequently is
converted to a annual subscription of a premium
service via a special offer at $125 per year --
thereafter he subscribes to a premium enhancement to
his newsletter which sells for $75 PER MONTH.

Pay for content is alive and well -- the focus is
really on retention / renewal / upselling.

Eric J. Aafedt
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Received on Wed Mar 20 2002 - 08:47:38 CST


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