Re: Hispanic Internet Market

From: Miguel Alvarez <>
Date: Thu 21 Mar 2002 13:20:01 -0600

My personal passion is the Online Hispanic world as it
relates to advertising and marketing. Let me explain
what I've found, according to my experience in the field.
* I've attended two Internet World conferences in
            Mexico City

* I've been acquiring Spanish domain names since 1995.

* I've also followed closely statistics regarding this US
          Hispanic based and Latin American demographic group.
            Sites and newsletter that help are,

* In 1999 I launched (Spanish translation of <> ). This was a sweepstakes
site giving away prizes for points gathered for clicking on banners and
visiting sponsors. This site did very poorly, actually fell flat on its
face. Even though the "Internet Bubble" hadn't fully burst yet there
were no advertisers supporting Hispanic Internet ad spending unless you
were a big player like Yupi, StarMedia or There has never
been a good Commission Junction or BeFree for this demographic and it is
a demographic that through the Online is still a mystery.

* My conclusion is that the only thing that has worked for this
demographic are: 1) Casinos 2) Porn 3) Dating sites which charge monthly
4) Yellow Page listings (Some of the hottest markets for "Gringos" too
:-) For that reason, I am contemplating launching
as a high-end love connection and B2B network. I am still hesitant as it
regards to that business model and not sure if I want to make the
investment just yet.

* Let me expound on #4, yellow pages and classifieds should do
great in this market. For that reason, I've compiled roughly 50 Spanish
and Portuguese domain names, which translated into English mean "Yellow
Pages" and "Classifieds." I am in the middle of programming a yellow
page and classified engine and will charge anywhere from $10/mo to
$50/mo. This is a business model that Hispanics understand. It relates
to what they already know as the normal brick-and-mortar idea of paper
phone books. Advertising will get as targeted as it can get by key
words, categories, and countries. I already receive 1,000 unique
visitors a day to
<> and have compiled a list of over
40,000 business owners requesting advertising.

* Bottom line, what will work in the Hispanic market is the same
thing that works for the US English-speaking market, anything that is
residual (charges monthly) and requires little or no maintenance.
Keep in touch John, I will allow private labeling of my yellow page
engine and you can add it to your site.
Red Bull Marketing, Inc.
Michael Taylor Alvarez
801-431-0022 x 204
Fax - 801-730-1780

Received on Thu Mar 21 2002 - 13:20:01 CST


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