Maximizing website traffic?

From: Neville Pokroy <>
Date: Wed 27 Mar 2002 07:29:05 -0600

Here's an interesting challenge I'd like to see some discussion on:

Consider a company selling hi-tech hardware that has huge traffic
visiting their Web site. The problem is: 60 - 70% of the traffic
goes to two tutorials that provide some education on a couple of
the issues that surround the products. The vast majority leave
the site immediately once they've read/downloaded the tutorial,
without finding out what the company does or sells. It is assumed
(having done some informal research) that most of the visitors to
the tutorials are students doing research for their studies.
Search engine positioning is very good on most of the keywords.

The challenge is:
1. How does one qualify the visitors and differentiate students
from real, potential customers?

2. How does one increase the number of real, potential customers
rather than simply attracting more students?

3. How does one take the students deeper into the site and
(hopefully) make them believers in the company's products so that
they become users once they graduate?


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