Re: Successfully packaging content

From: John Gaskill <>
Date: Wed 27 Mar 2002 07:37:20 -0600

Tim Browning <> wrote:

>We are an online
>publication for a niche market (automatic test equipment)
>that is trying to package and sell certain content to our
>members in the form of an e-report.
>What is the best way to show your members that your
>reports are of value when they've never seen anything
>like this before?

Start out by recognizing that your site has three kinds of users:

1.) Those who will not pay under any circumstances;
2.) Curious prospects who are looking to substantiate
        the expense of subscribing;
3.) Those who already subscribe and pay.

Do business with types one and two in mind only. Do not
worry about type one.

If you have been giving it away free for years, you have
to be very careful.

Free sampling is far and away the best way to stimulate
usage, but it must be used in conjunction with promotion.

If your publication is ongoing and has been out there for
some time, open your archive of past issues, giving access
to the public for issues six months old and older.

>What do the successful companies do well that gets their
>members to subscribe to their content?

Provide good content and promote it aggressively.

>What can you do to prevent the piracy of your reports?

Make subscribing a requirement of "community membership,"
if your community provides chat rooms or a discussion list.
In effect you cut down on the means of sharing access to
a single subscription by people not at the same company.

Controlling distribution within a company is probably not
worth the effort. Besides, sharing a magazine or report with
someone where you work often stimulates additional
subscription sales.


John Gaskill

Received on Wed Mar 27 2002 - 07:37:20 CST


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