Overture implements "blocking"

From: Steve Harrison <>
Date: Thu 28 Mar 2002 07:02:17 -0600

In late January, Overture announced that it would soon
begin "blocking" access to advertiser accounts by
automated bid management tools that they had not
"approved." At present, there are seven such automated
tools that have received Overture approval.

That "someday soon," when all non-approved automated
bid management tools would be blocked, has arrived.

On 26 March, Overture implemented an additional feature
to their DirecTraffic Center(R) advertiser login.
Similar to AltaVista's free "Add URL" system, a
randomly generated graphic of characters (letters/numbers)
must be transcribed to an input field by the advertiser,
along with username and password. It's called a
"Verification Code."

For a full review of those (currently) seven Overture-
approved automated bid management tools, and a fuller
explanation of this new move by Overture, see the
article published by Pay-Per Master at
( Updated
28 March.

Thinking about utilizing an automated PPC bid management
tool? It would seem only prudent to check and see if
they are Overture-approved before plunking down.

Live long and prosper;

Steve Harrison ~ Pay-Per Master

Received on Thu Mar 28 2002 - 07:02:17 CST


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