From: Alex Tillman <>
Date: Fri 26 Apr 2002 23:24:08 -0600

Does anyone know about the Cleardot program? I have
heard only bits and pieces, but can_t find anything
about it on the web. Maybe it_s just a _Bill Gates
will give you a dollar for forwarding this email_ type
of urban legend, but from what I gather it really is
some sort of tracking program (one of those insideous
stealth ones I believe) that somehow uses images
labeled _cleardot.gif_, which is also a popular
labeling term that web developers use to create
spacing on web pages. (My guess is that is why this
particular term was chosen- it is common to many

I_ve noticed a slew of errors in our logs that are
requests for cleardot.gif images on pages where they
don_t exist. I would hate to be an unwitting violator
of privacy, just because we have a cleardot on a page.
Does anyone out there know anything about this or
where I can find more info on it?

Received on Sat Apr 27 2002 - 00:24:08 CDT


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