Re: Pop Up's

From: Luis Martins <>
Date: Thu 02 May 2002 10:54:20 -0600

> Hello,
> Some time ago, I noticed something strange... it seems like a lot of my
> visitors (which usually are members, who visit an average of 250 pages /
> day) use a pop-up killer..
> Now, my question is... does anyone knows what to do about this?

Nothing. It's a user's choice and there should be nothing above that.
Nowasays, users are not educated to provide the cents the site's owner
needs, they're on the net to satisfy their individual needs and that's that.
If you can't provide any added value to the user's browsing, why annoy them?
Try to provide targeted, personalized ads. Only that way can you build that
added value and begin a possible business relationship.


> Personally I feel there are many more effective ways advertising
> than popups, the prevelance of anti-popup software has gotten to
> the point where valuable inventory is lost to viewers who don't
> accept ads. Added to this is a drastic reduction in popup clickthru
> and you're basically seeing slow demise of the popup ad.

I don't use pop-ups and don't recommend them to any of my customers. But
some sites have money stalled on the pop-up models (management tools, deals
closed) and my proposal could be a way to optimize that investment. As for
your slow demise of the pop-up...errr...It depends. You know, I work in
Portugal, mainly for the brazilian, portuguese and british markets. So your
stats really don't apply. Although the brits are traditional pop-up killers,
the brazilian and portuguese users are not, at this time. It always depends
on which market you work for.

Targeted content, catchy design and an easy added-value could sum up to a
pretty good result. I've seen 8% CTR's on one of my customers, no bs.


Received on Thu May 02 2002 - 11:54:20 CDT


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