Re: Outsourcing Content Development?

From: Marci De Vries <>
Date: Fri 03 May 2002 10:01:46 -0600

Good question Janet. Here's the answer, I promise to be brief.

I have recently started out on my own as an online marketing
strategist, ad placement, search term buying consultant. My
focus is on the high level stuff, and my interest is *not*
in cranking out Web copy or design or any of that stuff. The
Smith Content people seemed to be fairly reliable partners
for this part of the job, so I added them to my site.

Then I got sort of nervous about whether or not my clients
would appreciate me outsourcing their content, so I posted
the question here on the list.

Thank you for letting me clear up any lingering 'weirdness'
about our business relationship.

Marci De Vries
Ph. 410-727-7392
Fax 410-727-4416
204 East Cross St.
Baltimore, MD 21230

Received on Fri May 03 2002 - 11:01:46 CDT


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