Re: Cleardot

From: Marco Janeczek <>
Date: Mon 06 May 2002 12:19:39 -0600


You wrote:

> I might try a product that I see advertised ... and
> X10 ....

The point of advertising is usually to build a brand and
in the meantime to generate sales.

It does not matter that you are not in a need of an X10
camera now... nobody probably is when they view the ad.
But one day you might... and who you will have in mind
when you say to yourself "I need a web camera". X10 I
suppose. At least that would be the first thing on my


Recently Orbitz (an online travel agency, competitor of
expedia)... run many and many popups. why ?

Because everybody will SOMEDAY travel, does not matter when,
one day they will... am I right ? So, the popups might be
annoying, but from a business point of view they do generate

See, the problem is that the internet gave away too much
free stuff. People got too much used to it. To make a
website and especially to keep it up to date, involves alot
of work from a Webmasters and/or a firm.

Why should they do it for free? They do not get paid for it,
personally I don't think that is fair.

Now, lets say you employ some popup blocking software. This
will affect advertising firms, which will halt advertising
into popups, and then who in the end will be affected, I
think YOU. The webmaster, lacking funding for their site,
will shut down the site and if the site had interesting
content... or whatever, at the end you will be the one
suffering. That's my opinion. Many sites went down because
of the slowdown in advertising. There are several reasons
for the slowdown... but hey, I rather have a site that I
enjoy be up and show me a number of popups, than not have
the content at all...

As a publisher I do want to know who is using which browser
and O/S. There are many differences in setting up websites.
If lets say 99% of the public uses IE and Win2000, should you
be investing in a Mozilla based compatible site ? (reference

Marco Janeczek
a Company

Received on Mon May 06 2002 - 13:19:39 CDT


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