Re: Pop-up blockers - what to do about it?

From: Leon Mergen <>
Date: Mon 06 May 2002 13:24:22 -0600

"Cory Janssen" <> wrote:

> >Some time ago, I noticed something strange... it seems like a
> >lot of my visitors (which usually are members, who visit an
>> average of 250 pages / day) use a pop-up killer..
> >Now, my question is... does anyone knows what to do about this?
> There can be a time and a place for pop-ups, but too many sites
> abuse them. No visitor wants to be bombarded with 2-3 (or more)
> windows popping up with the same old ads.
> Perhaps your visitors are telling you something, don't serve
> pop-ups...

Problem is, I am running a free text based game... people visit
about 250 pages on every visit, which results in a VERY low CTR...
less than 0.01% to be exactly...

The pop-ups are being served by Adtegrity, my advertising agency,
as a last hope to make any money off my site. Otherwise, I have
to completely shut down the site, because a member base of 25,000
is not enough to make a subscribed service, since about 1/50
members will pay for the services, and 500 members is not enough...

So I decided to offer both a paid service and a free service. The
paid service costs $5 / month, and is advertisements free. The free
service contains advertisements, including the pop-ups, which were
recently added.

When the pop-ups were launched, people started posting threads at
my forums about where to get pop-up killers. However, they do not
realise that when they do this, they will make their own
entertainment go away, and like Jim Reardon already stated, they
are actually stealing content/services.

So basically, I maybe tought there was a good way to brute force
display the pop-up, since that seems to be about the only thing
that pays noawadays, especially with visitors that visit an
average of 500 pages/day, and are returning every day.

But hearing the reactions in here, it doesn't seem to be like that....


Leon Mergen

Received on Mon May 06 2002 - 14:24:22 CDT


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