Re: "The Problem"

From: Dale Abrosimoff <>
Date: Mon 06 May 2002 13:52:27 -0600

Marco Janeczek [] said:

See, the problem is that the internet gave away too much
free stuff. People got too much used to it. To make a
website and especially to keep it up to date, involves alot
of work from a Webmasters and/or a firm.

Why should they do it for free? They do not get paid for it,
personally I don't think that is fair.

dale abrosimoff observes:

The Internet *began* giving away stuff for free! It was a practical
application of the newest philosophy of *knowledge* (not just a collection
of information, but information freely and readily accessible).

"The Problem" began when entrepreneurial hopefuls, with the expectation of
bagging all of the economy's cash flow for themselves began perceiving this
vast interactive system in an attempt capture this vast audience with
traditional advertising mentality -- watch *my* advertising, and buy *my*

Eventually, with passage of enough time, the economics will sort itself out,
and those that continue to put in 'work' and "not get paid for it..." come
to the realities of the marketplace, stop expecting the Internet to be their
personal cash cow, and return to efforts of everyday labor, as best as we
can prepare ourselves.

It is not unrealistic to evaluate that if the 'work' one does is only for
money, and if it doesn't materialize, how long does one continue to 'gamble'
their time away?

This 'capitalist' reality appears to be one of the more valid systems in the
world today, and is about as 'fair' as it gets.

I pay to access the vast and growing collection of information, and not to
view advertising.

Yes, there are opportunities on the Internet. Question how intrusive your
company needs to be to capture a portion of the Internet's audience.

Received on Mon May 06 2002 - 14:52:27 CDT


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