Re: Cleardot

From: Ryan Gibson <>
Date: Tue 07 May 2002 11:16:39 -0600

I would have to disagree that advertising is to build brand and sales
come later. Financing and profitablity of a firm are weighed by the
sales and profits not "brand awareness in the marketplace." (
case-in-point.) This is a very misguided approach to advertising and
often costly.

Pop-ups are generally not effective, people often close them before they
are even viewed. 60% of people who click on a banner close the website
that it is linked to before it opens. (One of the major behavioral
reasons that you will have higher clicks than page views in a marketing

If I need to travel, I will visit a portal and look for the best deal. I
have found directories as the best source, more so than search engines
that have been filled with a lot of useless sites. If I put in Spain and
a pop-up was generated that said best prices for tickets to, Barcelona,
Madrid, and Mirabella I would be impressed. The fact of the matter is,
pop-ups are not targetted and therefore I agree with the group who
believe that they are similar to a form of spam, or annoyance. The lack
of personalization on the web has been statistically proven to be a
major downfall.

Personally, if you can recommend a pop-up blocker for me, I would like
to install one today. Until technology can make targeted judgements on
my to the minute website behaviors...I am really not interested in what
they are trying to sell or "PUSH." The internet never gave away too much
free stuff, they just offered too much for free to the wrong target
markets. They wasted their money and several peoples time. It's almost
like airing a TAMPON commercial during a Super Bowl time slot, it's just
bad advertising planning and branding. (You just will not get results.)
Maybe it is up to the website owner to use better judgement when
allowing firms to advertise. Not to mention, the pop-up market has been
ruined by rogue pop-up softwares that install into your computer and
pop-up eveytime you change sites. A recent incident of this was a
software that installed it's pop-up software into your computer whenever
you used Kazaa...evil advertisers. Most people just thought there was an
increase in pop-ups online and looked for blockers, not realizing it was
installed in their PC.

By the way, sometimes I use IE and other times I use Mozilla. Should you
target your website to work based on browser or target market? I prefer
to make sales, therefore, I would hope my site works on all browsers in
case the Director for the World Bank uses Mozilla on his home computer
when he looks at our website. If advertising agencies and magazine firms
are potential partners of your firm, I would hope your site works on a
MAC computer.


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