Re: Can't find resources!

From: Ryan Gibson <>
Date: Tue 07 May 2002 11:20:23 -0600

Vitaly wrote:

Does anybody know yellowpages or business directories,
which provides full information about american
businesses - fields: name of contact person, phone
number and website URL and description are essential.
If you are thinking of writing a script to crawl their directories,
chances are they have already anticipated you and will block your IP's.

Most of the DB's are based on queries. Therefore, you will not get very
deep into the listings. The amount of time it is going to take for you
to achieve may want to purchase InfoUSA or Info Canada
databases and save the time and money. Dun and Bradstreet and Network
Solutions also have substantial databases.

If I have misunderstood your question, I apologize, but it seemed as
though this was the general reasoning behind the question. In addition,
running scripts over "pay-per click sites" damages our advertising
success if you force a click for URL verification. Please refrain from
lowering the results of an already struggling industry. I have been
there once, and know that hoovering lists are not the best tactic,
buying them will save you time to market and effort. In addition, there
are less people working against you.


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