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From: Ryan Gibson <>
Date: Thu 09 May 2002 07:57:40 -0600

For small businesses, newsletters and email often had a great branding
effect "AND PRODUCED SALES", which keeps my clients in business. Often
an ad agent's $0.02 to a small advertisers costs the small guy their
business. I would suggest you should target your advice on the basis of
"Business Cycle", "Expected Return On Investment", "Expected
Investment", "Cash Flow of the firm", "Management", "Ability to handle
the leads generated", "Products Marketability", "Branding Potential."

I agree and disagree with the branding argument. If all of the above
align and the company is prepared and big enough--- the gamble is worth
it. If you have a client that you convince to brand themselves and they
are a "Start-up" with "limited management", "an untested product" and
you diagnose "Branding"...your just taking someones money. If the online
advertising world thought of their clients and not their publishers or
the money they could make from being "resellers" or "brokers" than the
medium would have more standards and would have been more successful in
the long-run. I have seen several firms loose their shirts from
attituides like "that isn't the publisher's fault. His product sucks."
That is the comment of a blithering idiot. Be a professional and give
good advice. Period.

Re: the common PPC banner problem is not the is that 40-60%
of all people who "click" a banner turn-off the website before it loads.
This is because PPC banner exchanges and ad firms just want to see
"clicks", but if you actually used third party tracking such as
Adknowledge or Dart, you would find that you pay for a lot of empty
clicks. It has nothing to do with the product, they never got to see it.
Based on this behavioral trait, I am assuming people try to close
pop-ups just as quickly and are annoyed because they were "pushed" into
their face without having to take an action---they had no choice.
(People like choice online, and will fight for the novelty to do so. If
somethings occurs without their choice, it is an invasion. You might as
well be bugging them for spare change every five mintutes.)

CPM is a great method provided that the audience you are marketing to
also has be frequently exposed to your product, otherwise it is
ineffective. For example, I have, and I am advertising on web portal. My Target market is Vancouver Canada. They have a
newsletter that goes to "Vancouver's Best Deals" audience, they have
banners that can be targetted to browsers only in Vancouver using "Dart
for advertisers", and a permission form that is filled-out for people to
be contacted directly from time to time by Sponsor advertisers. I would
buy it all and be their sponsor for six months or the year! Why?
Branding and the results I know it will generate from the frequency of

The problem has been that most businesses said, I own, I am
going to target people who want cars, I will advertise on Joe's Garage
site, MegaCarPortal, and a network of people who are within a certaing
demographic. I will spend 90% of my budget on banners for branding (CPM
and CPC) and then I'll invest in some direct emails and newsletters
targetted on "demographics" once again and an interest in cars (which
could be out of date as the opt-in person may have already bought their
car.), and a funky viral marketing piece that I will send out to a
general email list as well that is based on demographics. In this
campaign, which is the one most "resellers" advise, the firm is not
guaranteed frequency, true "branding", or subtantial sales.

I personally believe the small businesses need to think local or
frequency to get profitable and prove the concept one market at a time.
Get real frequency and real results. Please, someone tell the group that
advertising and business are actually about acquisition at some stage.


Ryan A Gibson
Director of Marketing and Business Development
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