Re: Cleardot

From: Ryan Gibson <>
Date: Fri 10 May 2002 08:28:15 -0600

I agree with you Rob. However, in this customer service crazed world,
how come good advice like that was never made as part of the package
when people spent $1-$10 million budgets with major online ad firms and
have nothing to show for their budgets now.

My point was that people are advised that buying lots of advertising is
branding and it is not. Combining an image that brings results and
overtime "builds" a brand is the best way to approach the internet.
Thank you for clarifying, I believe we have a similar process to
marketing and advertising. It seems that you trully consider the
"marketability", "Management" and "ability" to handle leads. This is
something few do, and that was my argument. I saw several firms get
duped by Engage Canada (A CMGI firm) with regards to false promises of
what branding meant. They are consequently out of business, but so are a
lot of their clients. (I know 4 who went under, directly related to the
matter of "loosing" their money on branding campaigns that where bad
buys overall.)


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