Re: E-marketing campaign?

From: Andrew Ellam <>
Date: Fri 10 May 2002 08:42:53 -0600

"Stela Nikolova" <> wrote:

> Our target is: large
> business all around the world as well as mid-size
> business. Should I just visit the sites for example
> of the Fortune 100 Fastest Growing Companies and
> send them an email about our company? If anyone has
> some ideas, please let me know.

Dear Stela,

I'm not a marketing pro like some of the folk here - I'm an IT bod -
but I wouldn't advise that as a method of marketing your services. I
recieve loads of UCE from foreign (which, to me, is outside-the-UK) IT
firms looking for outsourcing work, and it all goes straight in the

The problem is that I've no way of knowing anything about the firms
contacting me - they could be really professional, or they could be
wildly amateurish. It's impossible to tell from their usual
stock-photography stock-copy websites, so I've stopped even looking. In
any case, sending me UCE has a negative effect on my perception of the

I have worked with offshore IT developers in the past, but they had an
existing relationship with a company we were involved with - you might
want to build up long-term relationships with web agencies, who
sometimes have overflow work, rather than approaching their customers

Firms such as yours place a lot of bids on the various online
post-a-project-and-get-bids-on-it services (e.g. elance etc) but I
don't know how much work they actually get from that.


Received on Fri May 10 2002 - 09:42:53 CDT


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