Re: Why bother advertising?

From: Steve Phariss <>
Date: Tue 14 May 2002 16:47:55 -0600


I agree that ads do exert a slight force on most people, even me <G>,
 however I do not believe it is as strong as the researchers say it is.
 In your Toothpaste example (or any one of the many small items we use
on an ongoing basis) I personally will go with the "house brand" or wait
till I can find my own brand. the one place ads do influence me is on a
first time buy (of small items, larger items I rely on reviews, not
ads). and even then I will give the item one or two chances to win me over.

Shelf placement is my big weakness. if a brand has a lot of shelf space
and is attractively packaged (and has a good price) I will try it, but
still, the product has one maybe two chances to prove itself to me.

Steve Phariss

Received on Tue May 14 2002 - 17:47:55 CDT


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