Re: Business communiction with China

From: Mark Bodach <>
Date: Fri 17 May 2002 10:01:09 -0600

What a typical North American method of dealing with foreigners... I'm from
Ontario, so I can say that I make many of the same assumptions, but after
travelling in Europe for a month last summer I learned some very valuable

First, never trust Bablefish to do anything correct. It mixes up context
very very often. Maybe the professional Bablefish does a better job, but
the free one does not. For me, knowing the jests of what the tourist page
said was enough... But doing a business deal? That would not be very
wise. I'm guessing the deal had something to do with manufacturing and

Second, why do we all expect others to speak English... Many people do not,
but we North Americans just assume so. If I'm doing a business deal that
is profitable for me, I would take the time and money to make sure that I
have a translator involved. Look at how an English contract can get
screwed up with misinterpretations, imagine a completely different
language thrown into the mix.

Thirdly, never make North American assumptions... What is true in our
culture will probably be very different in theirs. Of course there are
different dialects. Look in the States as an example... Texas, Georgia,
New York, and Boston, and don't forget us Canadians (eh?) :) Words have
different meanings, compare Britain, Australia, and North American, we
speak English, but what a challenge sometimes to understand each other.

Ultimately its your business and your choice. Sometimes corners do need to
get cut to save cost, but from my experiences in software development, a
well written contract that BOTH parties understand actually saves you
money. I have learned this from experience.. "If you don't plan, you plan
to fail"... A contract is a plan, precision is essential. Spending the
money on a translator will ensure greater precision, and if you are
concerned about trusting a translator, find one that is bonded, or use
another from a different firm.

Contracts matter little when things go well, but matter everything when
things go south. But this is just my opinion and is worth $0.02 :)

Mark B
Blue Lantern Technologies

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Received on Fri May 17 2002 - 11:01:09 CDT


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