Re: Double Opt-in Lists & Databases

From: Darris Hoskins <>
Date: Mon 20 May 2002 08:52:34 -0600

I remember a post, not to long ago, on the subject of the legitimacy of
Opt-in lists or databases. Anyone familiar with this one or heard
anything about a Thomas M. Samco:

"Hello, I represent an acquisition firm that purchases the e-mail
subscribers of websites that go defunct. We have access to several
databases full of individuals who are double opt-in subscribers of
newsletters and online offers. We sell these assets exclusively to
currently operating sites so they can monetize this valuable asset.
While getting a single user to opt-in for your offers could cost as much
as $1 each, we sell off users at 10- 15cents. These are completely opt
in users, not spam or other "targeted" leads. You will purchase the
exclusive right to mail them offers etc., as an asset so no privacy
policies are violated. If interested, please let me know what category
of interest you would like, and i'll let you know what currently
available assets we have. Thank You, Thomas M.Samco MSR Inc"

Darris Hoskins

Received on Mon May 20 2002 - 09:52:34 CDT


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