Re: Business communiction with Others

From: Mark Bodach <>
Date: Mon 20 May 2002 09:03:31 -0600


Exactly! :)

When dealing with other cultures, other regions, other people...
Assumptions can be very dangerous.

People always appreciate that you try to speak their language
rather then assume they speak yours. My month in Europe taught
me that.. My extremely limited French got me further then those
who just spoke English. I witnessed firsthand the way the
French conductor treated the American, versus me the Canadian
for the same infraction. I got off with a warning, the American
got the fine for not properly putting the date on the Eurorail
Pass. Does it make me say thank goodness I'm Canadian, rather
the opposite, it reinforces my belief that the French can be
real dicks to Americans... But then again, the Americans often
give it right back... But this is neither the time nor the place
for my rants.

These Chinese guys are smart, they got a professional to
translate their website. That is one of the worries I have
about translating my site, is the fact that people will expect
me to understand their language...

Mark B
Blue Lantern Technologies

"Have a Dynamic Website? Need to Administrate it?"

Received on Mon May 20 2002 - 10:03:31 CDT


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