Re: Taxation of digital e-commerce

From: Mark Bodach <>
Date: Mon 20 May 2002 09:06:41 -0600

Two ways.

1) When the item is imported / at Customs.
2) Companies with a E.U. domain. Most countries require
an address in the country to get the domain. It wouldn't
be too hard to modify the .Country extension to include a
requirement to collect VAT taxes for all purchases
originating from the domain. Afterall my .CA domain had
a 67 page, 36,000 word agreement, I'm sure I missed
something in there.

But let's put it really simple... as this was argued on a couple of days ago...


In other words, since I don't get a say in their government,
I'm not about to collect taxes for the E.U., especially when
the collection of it will cost ME money and time to implement.
Now, if they would let me keep 50% of the VAT that I
charge... That would sound more appealing, otherwise I wish
the E.U the best of luck.

In Europe, I'm sure the criminals can be much more creative
then just keeping the VAT... I would think that this would
cause them much more problems then the revenue they would

Mark B
Blue Lantern Technologies

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Received on Mon May 20 2002 - 10:06:41 CDT


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