Re: Free demo policies

From: Steven W Loney <>
Date: Thu 30 May 2002 09:20:41 -0600

Tom... Are you considering change just because too many people don't want
to hear from you?

I'm thinking that getting your market use the software and then develop the
desire to continue using it past the trial period is your goal and building
an email data base is not the end game. You just won't get email addresses
from people that don't want to give it them up so settle for pitching the
people without knowing their email address.

Use technology to deliver your marketing message by embedding it in the
trial software. Pitch your product hard or soft as the people are using it.
I'd suggest a low key presence on the screen that doesn't piss people off
but is still front and center. I don't mean pop-up/under. Incorporate
reserved space into the software chrome.You could even update the message
dynamically for those who are on line, using the software and have the
flash plugin.

On line advertising is more than just email campaigns and banner adds on
web sites. Eudora actually sells ad space in the demo software people can
download ;-)

Steve W. Loney
194 Tu-Pelo Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

Received on Thu May 30 2002 - 10:20:41 CDT


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